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Commercial Laundry

Laundricure specializes in commercial laundry service throughout the areas surrounding Bronxville.  We offer free pickup and delivery when you have your commercial laundry done by us.  We will pickup your company's laundry, wash and fold it, then return it the following day.  Whether you need micro-fiber towels done for a carwash or elaborate chair covers for a catering company, we do it all with great care.  Commercial laundry has a customized rate which is based on how much laundry you need washed and how often you want us to do laundry for you.  The rate is also based on how easy or difficult your laundry is to handle.  Please email or call for your customized bid:  laundricure@gmail.com or (914) 961-0800.

Commercial Linen Cleaning Services for Hotels, Airbnb, and VRBO

Laundricure is a linen cleaning service for your vacation rentals.  Whether you need hotel laundry service for your hotel or boutique hotel, we can accommodate any size order.  We do towels and sheets for motels, Bed & Breakfasts, and VRBO.  We do Airbnb laundry service and will pick up laundry from each individual rental.  If your guest laundry needs to be done, we will do that as well and keep it separate from your vacation rental's linen.

Commercial Laundry Service for Medical Facilities and Medical Offices

Laundricure does laundry for local hospitals and medical clinics.  We also do laundry for individual doctors, dentists, physical therapists, and chiropractors.  We have done laundry for pet hospitals and veterinarians.  We launder towels and sheets.  In addition we wash scrubs, lab coats, and jackets.  We launder robes for mammogram clinics.  Whatever your laundry needs, Laundricure will help you out.

Commercial Laundry Service for Salons and Spas

We do towel cleaning for salons and spas.  Hairdressers and barbers go through a lot of towels and capes. We do laundry for nail salons as well.  Pet groomers go through a lot of towels and massage spas use towels and sheets that need constant washing.  Call or email us for a bid.

Commercial Laundry Service for Recreation Centers

We do tablecloths for recreation centers.  We launder towels for the exercise classes at recreation centers and launder cleaning rags and employee uniforms.  We know how important your laundry is and will have it back to you the next day.