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​Frequently Asked Questions About Laundricure

Questions About Self-Serve Laundry

We are a card laundromat, however in order to put money onto the card, you need to use cash. 

We have machines as large as 60 pounds.  This is the equivalent of 6 top loading machines!

Our last wash is at 5 p.m. 7days a week!

We are closed on major holidays.

Questions About Wash & Fold

We offer same day and next day service.  If you need same day, there is a 20 cent a pound additional charge and you must bring in the clothes early in the morning.

Pillows, comforters, quilts, and blankets are by the piece.  Rugs and mats have a larger per pound charge.

We will hang up items per your request, but please, if you are able, bring in hangers.

Questions About Pickup & Delivery

Just let us know when you schedule where to pickup your items.  Some people put them on the porch, behind the gate, in the garage, or with the apartment manager.

No problem. Just let the laundromat or the driver know how long you will be gone.

The recurring customer rates are for people who sign up weekly or every other week.

Yes, just add that as a preference when you schedule your pickup.