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​Laundricure Reviews & Testimonials

We are proud of our laundromat and pride ourselves on our quality and service. We love to hear the wonderful reviews that come our way.

This place is IMMACULATE!!! Service is amazing! The staff are efficient, friendly & hard working. They work to meet the needs of all of their customers. Drop/off pick/up service is stellar!!! They ALWAYS deliver as promised!!! Prices are reasonable and again, this laundromat is immaculately CLEAN!!! Cleanliness is key for me and the super friendly staff is just an added bonus.

Without a doubt, the best laundry I have ever been to. Superb wash and fold service and the laundromat is absolutely spotless. Great staff and great location.

I love to go there and wash. Very good area.

Very clean & good machines.

I bring my laundry every week and it is ready either later in the day or the next day. They do a great job cleaning and folding! I cannot say enough great things about this laundromat.

Good washing and drying machines. Also you can leave your clothes and they take care of it. Everything is very neat and clean.

Great prices and the staff were very nice. They also offer same day wash if you get it in early in the morning.

Extremely clean laundromat, friendly staff.

Time your visit & you'll be in & out. Clean.