Keeping Laundry Safe and Clean During Covid 19

September 11, 2020

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Welcome to our Laudricure blog page. This month's topic will be about how we keep our laundry safe and clean during Covid 19.

When Covid hit earlier this year, we were asked to shelter in place. In most states, laundromats were an essential business and were allowed to stay open. But throughout the United States, laundry owners noticed that the self-serve customers dropped off by about 30% or more. People were afraid to come in. They didn't want to get sick.

At Laundricure, we have always kept the laundromat very clean, but with Covid, we tried to wash down machines after every use. We also used disinfectants to clean and made sure that customers wore masks. We washed our hands a lot and asked our customers to stay 6 feet apart from one another.

We realized, however, that the fear of catching Covid was real. More and more customers turned to us for drop off service where they could be in and out in a couple of minutes rather than spending several hours washing and drying their clothes.

We decided to add pickup and delivery to the services we offer. In this way, the customers would not have to enter the laundromat at all. We would pick up clothes from the their house and if they wanted, we could even pick it up from outside their door, so they wouldn't have to have any contact at all with another person.

As we tragically watch businesses fight to survive, we have found companies that offer delivery service are actually doing better at this time. Instead of going to the mall, people are ordering from Amazon. Instead of going to the grocery store, people are ordering their groceries in. Instead of going to a restaurant, people are using a delivery service. Now, Laundricure is providing you clean clothes during Covid without going to the laundry. Just schedule your pickup and we'll take it from there.

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